We need you to support Cragmont this year with a pledge to our 2020 Vision Campaign. The year 2020 will be a milestone for two different reasons. First of all, Cragmont will have been serving our denomination for 75 years. That is 75 years of people experiencing inspiration, recreation and spiritual growth at Cragmont. Secondly, John and Arlinda Williams will have served the people of our denomination and Cragmont Assembly for 40 years. As they enter into retirement in 2020 we are reminded that their lives have been a true example of servanthood and we are grateful for them.

Building up the John and Arlinda Williams Endowment for Cragmont and/or donating funds to complete the Watson Project would be a thoughtful gift to give to Cragmont in honor of John and Arlinda for their years of service. Donations help sustain Cragmont and benefit the entire OFWB denomination in which we serve.

In honor of the 75 years of Cragmont Ministry we have set a goal of $750,000 for our 2020 Vision Campaign. Prayerfully consider how you, your church, Auxiliary, and/or League can bless Cragmont, John and Arlinda.


Donate to the 2020 Vision Campaign